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Is For-Profit Education the answer to failing schools?

NO…and I repeat NO!!, but maybe not for the reasons you think. Not that for-profit is bad, not that non-profit is bad; or good for that matter. The answer is that there is no “the answer” if it involves one system or one solution. The problem with schools today is not the standards, it’s not the testing, it’s not the teachers, it’s not the students, it’s not the funding, its not the parents…the problem is that our educational structures have gotten so large, bureaucratic, and cumbersome that they require so much energy just to move, that there is not enough energy in them to serve students in ways that are meaningful for students today. The systems are the problem, and the systems are what is weighing our students’ future down.

I’ve seen the inside of “for profit” education, and it is impossible to put students first when the bottom line is the first priority. Even good educators in a for-profit system are limited in implementing what they know in their gut really works if it conflicts with the most recent profit projections, and the need to meet bonus objectives.

How about breaking up components of a large “system, and offering financial incentives to for-profit or non-profit entities


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